Accounts Receivable

A Flexible Financing Solution with Many Opportunities

While waiting for customers to pay for completed orders, your business may need a quick influx of cash. Whether you have an opportunity for growth or are struggling to keep pace with competitors, accounts receivable financing delivers the funds you need.

Companies in All Stages

At Arena Commercial Capital, we have been successfully financing companies in your area. Our range of experience reaches into many areas of business:

  • Start-up businesses
  • Companies losing money
  • Companies facing bankruptcy proceedings
  • Businesses affected by seasonal downturns
  • Businesses with limited working capital waiting for customer payments

Whatever pressures your company is facing, we can help you with financing receivables solutions.

Advantages You Need

You have a lot of things to focus on; turn your accounts receivables over to us. Your business can benefit in many ways:

  • Almost immediate access to the cash you need (within 24 hours)
  • Financing without punitive terms
  • Low-risk arrangement with excellent returns
  • Access to funds when new orders come in
  • Increased funds as your sales increase

This type of financing isn’t based on your credit history but on that of your customer. This means you aren’t increasing your debt load.

Opportunity Within Reach

When you work with Arena Commercial Capital, you have access to funds for day-to-day operations, payroll, inventory and expansion costs, and more. With accounts receivable financing, your company is prepared for new demands and unexpected opportunities. Reach out to us today to learn more about the possibilities for your company.