Small Business Loans

A Successful Small Business Needs to Grow

Many small business owners think of their company as their “baby.” The comparison is a good one because small businesses require plenty of dedication, time, and attention. Similarly, when you have a successful business, it makes you feel happy.

Also like a child, every healthy business needs to grow. At Arena Commercial Capital, we can help with a small business loan for every stage of your company’s life.

Why Choose Our SBA Financing for Your Business?

Small business loans are a safe, reliable tool for SBOs. That’s exactly the type of financing you should be looking for. Our loans offer terms you can count on:

  • Low-interest rates:Save a lot of money in the long run compared to other loans. Use the capital to invest in your business, instead.
  • Flexible monthly payments:Get monthly payments designed specifically for your company. Take advantage of financing without feeling weighed down.
  • Fair loan requirements:Get pre-qualified in a day or two. The Small Business Administration has some requirements for business owners, but we make qualifying as fast and easy as possible.
  • Long terms for repayment:Get terms of 15–25 years for repayment. These generous terms reduce the size of monthly payments and give you greater flexibility through market changes.

How Can a Small Business Loan Help Your Business Grow?

With SBA loans, your company can grow in countless ways:

  • Business acquisitions:Open a second location easily by purchasing another brand’s business, equipment, customer lists, or similar assets.
  • Equipment:Provide more services for your customers with high-quality equipment. Upgrade your technology to stay up to date with modern trends.
  • Commercial real estate:Use your SBA loan to purchase the property you’ve always wanted for your business. Cover construction, remodeling, expansion, or property purchases smoothly.

Our small business loans also provide options for extra working capital. That way, you have even more flexibility to get the things you need for success. Contact us right away to see the limitless possibilities.