What Makes Veterans Great Business Owners

At the end of their military careers, many veterans can feel lost and unsure of what to do next. However, the skills, knowledge, personal values, and characteristics you developed in the military can set you up to succeed in business. In fact, a military veteran owns at least one in every 10 businesses in the US. These are ways your military service can benefit you as you start a veteran-owned business.

Veterans Value Integrity and Honor

Today’s consumers want more than great products and services. They also want to work with companies that value integrity and honor. They seek honest advertising from companies that stand behind their products. As a veteran, you are taught the importance of honor and integrity throughout your military service.

Veterans Are Calm Under Pressure

Being an entrepreneur and running a business is not easy, especially during challenging times. While many individuals can become uptight or have difficulty functioning at their peak under pressure, you have completed training and worked in an environment that required you to learn to calm yourself as the pressure mounts. Like most vets, you may also love a challenge and fight hard to get the results you desire.

Veterans Are Disciplined

Many entrepreneurs go through periods where they lack motivation and feel like giving up. However, this is where habits like discipline and hard work can save a company. In the military, you are taught the value of these habits. Like most veterans, you probably aren’t afraid of hard work and your discipline and perseverance can carry you through even the most unmotivating periods. You also have the ability to transfer these characteristics easily into business management and the boardroom.

Veterans Value Teamwork

Successful businesses rely heavily on effective, efficient teams of talented individuals. However, many business owners have difficulty working with others and sharing responsibilities. They may even be ineffective at turning major goals into small tasks and delegating these among their team members.

However, in the military, you are taught from the beginning how to work as a team. You understand the value each individual brings to the process. Because you are adept at collaboration, you gain trust and encourage your staff to take responsibility for their tasks and the team as a whole.

Veterans Are Focused

The military teaches focus. You need to focus on your mission, your team, and your task. You learn to focus on one thing at a time while observing your surroundings. These skills are unique and can increase your probability of success in business.

By utilizing your military training, you have the ability to create a successful veteran-owned business.